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Swedish short films and excerpts from Swedish Films have been used in several previous Swedish Club meetings, particularly in the November meetings. Examples are:

Christopher's Christmas Mission (Narrated by Bernard Cribbins). All regions.

Nils Holgerssons Underbara Resa Genom Sverige, (Alla talar Svenska), PAL, region 2.

Alla vi barn i Bullerbyn (Astrid Lindgren story), excerpts. PAL, region 2.

The Saga of Jösta Berling (Selma Lagerlöf's famous saga), NTSCA, region 1.

Fanny and Alexander (an Ingmar Bergman film), the complete version (not for TV). Excerpts from the Jul celebration, DVD #1 of two DVDs.


Full Length Films that have been viewed by either very small or larger groups of club members:

Kitchen Stories, Swedish and Norwegian. NTSC, region 1. English subtext. Shown about 2008!

Maria Larsson's Eviga Ögonblick, director Jan Troell (106 minutes). Shown on May 9, 2012. Region 2. The region 1 version of this film (for distribution in the USA) is titled Everlasting Moments.

Sä som in Himmelen (As it is in Heaven), shown on April 23, 2014.


There are a number of films which appear to be suitable for members of the Swedish Club who are interested in the topic of Swedish Film. Most of these films come with labels of Mature Content! But the stories are good and usually have satisfying endings!


Films not yet shown to the Swedish Club:.

Den Bästa av Mödrar. Sprak Finska/Svenska. Subtext English. PAL, region 2. Story takes place in Sweden during and after WWII. A finnish boy has to leave home during the war and ends up a foster child in a Swedish family. There are cultural as well as language difficulties.

Englegård (Angel Farm), a film by Colin Nutley. (plus two sequels). Swedish with English subtext. PAL, region 2. The conservative culture of a small town in western Sweden encounters some young people (descendents of an older generation in town) who are decidely liberal! Culture shock!

I Rymden Finns Inga Kanslor (In Space there are no Feelings). A story about a young man with Aspergers syndrome. This takes place in modern Sweden, today! Swedish with English subtext. PAL, region 2.

Simon och Ekarna (Simon and the Oaks), a film by lisa Ohlin. Swedish with English subtext. PAL, region 2. Story takes place during and after WWII. A "normal" Swedish boy does not take to being brought up as a fisherman. Then he makes friends with another Swedish boy who is from a family educated in the Arts and Music! Revelations of all sorts ensue!

Miss Julie, a film by Alf Sjöberg. Swedish with English subtext. NTSA, region 1. The Criterion Collection, remastered. Original film produced in 1951. Black and White. This is Sjöberg's adaptation of August Stringberg's renowned play of 1881. The original film was a Cannes Grand Prix winner! The story (in brief): "Miss Julie" is about the battle of the sexes and Swedish classes that takes place when the daughter of a wealthy business man falls in love with her father's servant. The film is set in Sweden before and after Midsommar!